Founded in February of 1998, the Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory, or UFFD as it's also known, has provided Xenites links to older sites and 'in-progress' fiction. In the last few years, with the advent of places like and Archive of Our Own ( the need for daily or weekly updates has changed. And much like the transformation of the series characters, change is unavoidable.

We were faced with a dilemma in 2015 - do we walk away completely and close the site or do we revamp it for a new age? We decided to keep the site alive and re-launch it as a real directory with info on all Xena fan fiction sites. So while we no longer do regular updates, you can find sites, from today and yesteryear, to enjoy. With that in mind, if you know of a site that's missing from here, let us know. Our goal, as always, is to provide a place for the bards (and readers) who love the Xenaverse as much as we do.