In February, 1998, this site began on a Geocities page when the popular XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS FAN FICTION INDEX run by Xenos announced its closing. Three NetForum regulars - Del_kaidin, Absinthe and CN Winters - decided to pick up the baton to keep an index going on the web (long before anything like When Del stepped down, Barry Marshall came aboard to round out the anchor team and when Absinthe left, Heartbrkn Bard stepped in and has been with the site (and CN) ever since. Over the years we've had a wealth of dedicated reporters and webmasters (located to the right) who  provided our daily/weekly updates.

At the time of Barry Marshall's arrival, the site was getting too large for Geocities so was born. When that domain expired, and we were unable to renew it in 2006, the name changed again to the current domain of XenaFanFiction.Info.

For nearly two decades, UFFD presented the links to hundreds of stories in the areas of general fiction, alternative fiction, Xena and Gabrielle, Jan and Mel, the Conqueror, uber and original fiction from Xena writers. It was all thanks to a team of tireless people who scanned the websites to help bring you the links to these stories.

Neither rain, sleet, power outages, site difficulties, travels for work and pleasure, weddings, job changes, surgeries, illnesses, nor broken links kept the reporters from their task of bringing you new offerings from the Bards. Much like a step-child or ugly duckling when the site began, it stayed the course and developed into a graceful swan. However, all things must evolve in order to survive and it’s time for the Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction directory to evolve.

With an angel investor in place, one who's willing to keep the domain alive, the UFFD will still be around. However, rather than bringing you the links to individual stories, you will now find the links to those sites which host the stories. The new goal of the site is to be a tool that's used to check out Xena sites easily - whether you're new to the show or you just want to walk down memory lane. So come back often. Check for new sites, visit old favorites or let us know if we're missing anyone in the Xenaverse.