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Archives, February 8-19, 1999

Friday, February 19, 1999

Incidental Tourist Chapter 4by JL Peterson on Chakram 1's site(Alt/uber)
Jay and Denise's happiness, as well as their lives, are put at risk by ruthless criminals.

Parallels Chapter 4by Subtextual on Chakram-1's Xena Page
Afraid that Aphrodite's plot may work, Cupid takes matters into his own hands.

The Path Not Takenby Kestra on Center for Xena Studies(gen)
Against her better judgement, Xena comes to Ares' aid.

Persistence of Memory Pt. 22 by Paul Seely on his site(Alt/Uber)
continuing story

Similar Features Part 2 by Cruise on Rusty's Xena page (alt)
Continuing story

Part 9 of New Beginnings"by BlackGabby on symbiont's and MelVee's Xena Page (alt / uber)
Continuing story

Thursday, February 18, 1999

Part 19 of Dark Promise by Sharon Bowers on Katrina's site(alt/Uber)
Continuing Crossover story: Bread & Roses - Xena and Gab as immortals - meet Buffy

In The Dog House by T Novan on MaryD's(alt)
Part 17 in the Raising Melosa series, finds Xena bringing home a puppy.

The One that Got Away by Bel-wah on MaryD's(alt)
While fishing, Xena and Gabrielle find a small boy who needs their help.

Part 1 of Similar Features by Cruise on Rusty's XWP site(Alt)
Xena/Gabrielle meet a mysterious person with features similar to those of a familiar person.

More Incredibly True Adventures of Two Dolls In Love: The Continuing Storyof Rigid Xena and Posable Gabrielle by Danae and L.N. James on L.N. James' Chakram Times site (Alt)
comedy: The title says it all.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Infinity by Joseph Connell on Katrina' ssite(alt/Uber)
Beta Uber story. Will be posted only two weeks, so author can get feedback as input to a longer work. NOT Part of Redhawk's Infinity series.

Devi Subtext Report by CN Winters

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Partings by Bard's Bodice on Chakram1's Page(alt)
Two friends say goodbye in this brief piece.

Why? by Bard's Bodice on Chakram1's Page(alt)
Ephiny struggles to come to terms with new-found feelings.

She's Mine by WrshpXena on Chakram1's Page(alt/uber)
Some trouble in a local bar ignites deeper passions for Mel and Janice.

A Conversation in the Elysian Fields by Rab Donald on Chakram1's Page(alt)
Perdicus and Marcus, curious about their old lovers, demand an audience with Hades.

Hurricane Watch Part 8 by Missy Good on MaryD's Page(alt)
Continuation of uber tale.

The Longing - Part 2 by Protek on Redhawks Realm (alt)
Continuation of uber tale.

In Her Hands - Part 1 by Mil Toro on her page (alt)
Continuation of alt/uber tale.

The Party by T Novan on MaryD's page (alt)
Number 16 of Raising Melosa with Xena celebrating her birthday.

Monday, February 15, 1999

Hurricane Watch - Part 8 - Update by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave ALT-uber
Continuing story.

From the Hands of Rome-Part 1 by Absinthe on her site(alt)
The Grrls travel to Egypt to meet Cleopatra and visit the Kandake of Nubia.

Sunday, February 14, 1999

Hurricane Watch - Part 8 - Update by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave ALT-uber
Continuing story.

Been That, Done Her by Mary E on Lynka's site (alt)
Day 10 of BTDT, with the Warrior seemingly gone crazy, Gabrielle tells Xena the story of The Warlord and the Slave Girl, with expected results.

Saturday, February 13, 1999

Warrior...Tramp...Madam by LB Anderson on Lynka's site (alt/NC-17)
Meg asks Xena and Gabrielle to run her brothel for a few weeks, which they agree to do after asking each grrl to demonstrate her "gimmick". Fans of get the drift.

Hope For Hope Part IV by Marion Tuttle on Lynka's site
Continuing story

Deceptions part 2 by D. Virtue on Lynka's site(alt)
Continuing story, alternate Xenaverse

Miffed Amphipolis by Mary E. on Lynka's site(alt)
Gabrielle is angry over Xena's kissing Miss Arthiphys and seeks her revenge on a very horny Warrior Princess.

These Dreams by Verda on Lynka's site(alt/Uber)
Samantha, an illustrator of children's books, encounters the embodiment of the woman who has haunted her dreams for many years, a tall stranger with deep Blue Eyes.

Love Spell: A Valentine's Day Story by Amazon Moon on Lynka's site(alt/Boys)
Drawn to a Festival in honor of Joined-Hearts' Day, Joxer's love potion has a broader effect than he expects.

Three stories by Shea have found a new home: Close Encounters of the Warrior Kind, Adverse Reactions, Booze, Blondes & Bonfires all on Lynka's site
See previously existing entries for summaries

Redhawk's Realm has moved.

The Longing-Part1 by Protek on Redhawk's Realm (alt/Uber)
This new addition to the Xena/Highlander *Infinity Series*, has Xena telling Rickie her firsthand experience aboard the Titantic.Continuing story

Friday, February 12, 1999

In Her Hand by Mil Toro on her Page(alt/uber)
An Uber-esque story where Gabrielle finds herself in 1999 New York hoping to bring back a 3,000 year old Xena back to Ancient Greece.

Eternal Love by Bill Leasure Tom's Xena Page(gen)
Xena and Gabrielle meet up with Harlos of Rodeg who is on his way to save a village..

Revenge, Ares Style by Marcella R. Wiggins on Tom's Xena Page(gen)
Ares sends Gabrielle back into time to meet the evil Xena.

In Over Her Head by Dario Persechino (gen)
Gabrielle is having problems with her new Odeyssean sleeping bag.

Framed by T. Novan on MaryD's Page(alt)
No. 15 in the *Raising Melosa* series, has Xena giving Gabrielle and unexpected present.

Heart of the Matter by Blue on MaryD's Page (alt)
Xena and Gabrielle are instrumental in creating Valentine's Day.

Near You Always (Conclusion) by James Bergquist on Chakram's Page (alt)
Xena and Gabrielle are instrumental in creating Valentine's Day.

Hurricane Watch - Part 8 by Missy Good on her Page (alt)
Continuation of alt/uber tale.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Lost Love Parts 1&2 by Mythe on Chakram-1's Xena Page(alt)
When Xena encounters a friend from her youth, she's dragged into a battle with mythical forces.

Parallels Part 3 by Subtextual on Chakram-1's Xena Page(alt)
Angered at Xena's defiance, Aphrodite uses the two visitors to drive a wedge between the warrior and her bard.

The Darkling- Part Three by Lynne Knowlten on Tom's Xena Page(alt)
Continuation of this Alt/Calli story.

Complications Part 7 by Gin on Tom's Xena Page(alt)
Continuation of this Alt story.

Closest to Heaven Part 2 by K.R Brendan on Tom's Xena Page(alt)
Continuation of this Alt story.

The Demon by Pamela Turner on Tom's Xena Page(alt)
A nymph has taken possession of Xena's body.

Frozen by Pamela Turner on Tom's Xena Page(alt)
Gabrielle takes off in the middle of her wedding to find a missing Xena.

Dream A Little Dream of Me by Pamela Turner on Tom's Xena Page(alt)
Xena and Gabrielle are plagued by reoccurring dreams.

The Vigil by L Fox on MaryD's Page(alt)
Gabrielle's thoughts as she waits for an overdue Xena.

Promises by BardsBodice on Chakram-1's Xena Page(alt)
Ephiny recounts the final moments of her friend's lives.

Near You Always Part 3 by James Bergquist on Chakram-1's Xena Page(alt)
Continuation of this alt tale.

A New Beginning- Chp 1 by Teris Xenite Tom's Xena Page(gen)
The daughter of Ares and Xena has been killed.

A Different Way by Teris Xenite Tom's Xena Page(gen)
Ares restores Solon to Xena and looks for forgiveness.

The Dance-revised by Pamela Turner Tom's Xena Page(alt)
Gabrielle teaches Xena to dance.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Learning to Sing in Sparta by Lisa Grandstaff on The Warrior Scholar's Home Page(alt)
Xena and Gabby travel to Sparta with a master bard who has the task of trying to free Gabrielle's cousin from a repressive Spartan life.

Hurricane Watch - Part 7 by Missy Good on MaryD's Page(alt/uber)
Continuation of the uber tale.

Trust In Her by Muzza on MaryD's Page(alt)
Continuation of the alt tale.

New Beginnings Part 7 and 8 by Black Gabby on Symbiont's Page(alt/uber)
Continuation of the uber tale.

Explanations by T. Novan on MaryD's Page(alt)
Xena leaves the Amazon Nation to fight in a war (Number 14 in the Raising Melosa Series).

Stoic Warrior by ArdentTly on MaryD's Page(alt)
Gabrielle's flirting gets her just the results she wants.

Dark and Stormy Night by Mary E on LynKa's site(alt)
Humorous first time story with the girls at a seedy inn.

Promises Made...Lessons Learned by Duv Lyn on LynKa's site(gen)
Xena turns to an old-fashioned spanking to teach the bard a lesson after The Titans encounter.

Hope for Hope Part 3 by Marion Tuttle on LynKa's site(alt)
Xena turns to an old-fashioned spanking to teach the bard a lesson after The Titans encounter.

Poetry by Alwayslooking on LynKa's site(alt)

Truth or Dare by CN Winters on LynKa's site(explict alt)
Gabby and Callisto have a fireside chat in 'ANE' with unexpected results.

Submission in a Strange World by Chris M on Katrina's site(explict alt)
Priestess Callisto meets 'the executioner' in an empty dungon.

Kronos Stone Part 2 by D. Virtue on Lynka's site(alt)
Continuation of an alt tale.

Day the World Turned Looney by Amazon Moon on Lynka's site(alt)
In Amazonia to attend Ephiny's marriage to Solari, Gabrielle enters a strange world where a mincing Xena is married to a steroid-enhanced warrior named Joxer, she's got 14 children by Perdicus, and Ephiny runs a sushi bar in Athens.

Team Twenty by Alex Legault on Lynka's site(gen)
Transported to 20th century Greece, X&G find Zeus on Mt Olympus where he sends them on a quest for the second Cronos Stone so they can return to their own time.

As He Slept by D. S. Bauden on Lynka's site(alt)
Interesting twist on X&G first-time stories...the "he" of the title is Perdicus on the wedding night.

When Ares Met Najara by Alan Plessinger on Lynka's site(alt)
When she is exiled to Greece, Najara makes a deal with Ares to help him get Xena back -- and she gets Gabrielle.

Deceptions Part 1 by D. Virtue on Lynka's site(explict alt)
Continuing the alternate xenaverse of Diana, Questra, et al. found in the Chosen, Home, Discoveries and Siren's Call.

The Mount Olympus Super Bowl (skit) by Mil Toro on her site(explict alt)
Xena's Amazons battle Dahok's Destroyers.

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Aftermath: The Tree of Life - Part 8 by XWP Fanatic on MaryD's (alt)

Meg's by Jim Kuntz on MaryD's(alt)
Xena and Gabrielle visit Meg who is giving up her profession for the love ofJoxer.

Southern Comfort: You've Never Been Nowhere - Part 2 by C.L. Bactad on MaryD's(alt/uber)
Continuing story.

Time Enough byT. Novan on MaryD's(alt)
part 13 of the *Raising Melosa* series, Melosa is growing up to be just like Xena.

Circle of Life by Mythmaker on MaryD's (Gen)
Xena finds a way to rid a town of an evil man without killing him.

Emergency Meeting of the Concerned Xenites/Concerned XenaStaff AssociationFor A Better Show...Meeting #1 by Georgia on MaryD's (ALT-uber)
A parody of a meeting to discuss several gripes about the events in third and fourth season episodes.

AREN'T YOU TWO... by GabTBard on her site(alt)
Gabby tells the story of how people knew about the love Xena and she shared before they did.

Triptych Home by Anima on Pink Rabbit Productions(alt)
Sequel to Triptych Sex

The Water's Edge by Tegan Jovanka on Pink Rabbit Productions(alt)
Xena, Gabrielle, a moonlit night, a lake, and new discoveries

Part 11 (Aftermath or, So You Thought It Was Over? Well, Think Again) of Deus Ex Gabrielle by Chris M at at KATRINA's site (alt)

Hurricane Watch by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave(alt-Uber)
Continuing story

Warlord Metal - Part 3 by Redhawk on Redhawk's Realm (ALT-uber)
Continuing story.

Monday, February 8, 1999

Part 6 of Hurricane Watch by Melissa Good on MaryD's (Alt)
Continuting story

Chapters 51-61 of The Healing Fires by Linda Fiorella on MaryD's (alt)
Continuing story

Blood Red Scream 2-Dance of Death(chapters 1-5) by Tragedy88 on MaryD's (uber/alt)
Continuing story

Swish, Swish by Fu Bard on Tim Wellmans's site(alt)
Gabrielle goes undercover in Meg's Tavern

Heroes by Joanna on MaryD's(gen)
A COPS parody.

Incidental Tourist part 3 by J.L. Peterson on MaryD's(alt/Uber)
Continuing story

Demon by Kristian S. Fishcher on Redhawk's Realm(alt/uber)
uber This story in the *Infinity* series deal with the abuse of children by organized crime.

The Way of War by TZ on TZ's XWP Fan Fiction Site(alt)
The war between Athens and Sparta is affecting the Amazon Nation.

UberMadness: The Lost Episodeby Dana Cory on Barron's Xena Page
a Bat Morda endorsed parody/followup of Ubermadness.

Three Naked Bards...Oh My! by Anima on MaryD's(alt/humor)
What really happened when the 3 naked Gabrielles found Xena.

Part 2 of Similar Features by Cruise on Tim Wellman's site(alt)
Continuing story

Part 21 of Persistence of Memory by PJ Seely on Paul's Uber site(alt/Uber)
Sequel to "Surfacing." Continuing story.

Bad Timing by Kristian Fischer on Redhawk's Realm(alt/Uber)
uber In this prequel to Redhawk's *Only One*, Xena's loneliness drives her to violence.


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