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Sunday, February 28, 1999

Will We Burn in Heaven - Chapter 19 by Absinthe, on her site(alt/uber)
Continuing story; An ex-hitwoman gives in to her emotions and bonds with a freak.

The Longing - Conclusion b y Protek on Redhawk's Realm(alt -uber)
Continued story

Of Love and hate by Protek on MaryD's ALT
Dahak is back and has Gabrielle under his spell.

Ask Solari by Mary E. Terrell on MaryD's ( ALT-humor)
Solari has been hired as the new advice columnist for the Athenian Times.

Sunsets by Mary E Terrell on MaryD's (alt)
Xena and Gabrielle miss a sunset.

Writer's Block by Mary E. Terrell on MaryD's ALT
Xena invents the cure for writer's block.

The Battle by Mary E. Terrell on MaryD's (Gen - poem)
Gabrielle writes a poem pledging her support for Xena.

Who Are You? by Mary E. Terrell on MaryD's (ALT)
Short piece of prose with Xena's thoughts of Gabrielle.

How Can Love Be Wrong? by Mary E. Terrell on MaryD's (Alt-poem)
Sweet poem questioning how love between two people can be wrong.

Plug and Plunge by NIT (TZ) and WIT (Silk) on TZ's site (alt/Uber/Humor)
A parody of some ramblings from a Xena Palace chat.

Full Boat by T. Novan on MaryD's ( ALT-uber) A riverboat gambling tournament brings a blonde reporter and a tall, dark poker player together.

The Depth of Love by T. Novan on MaryD's(Alt)
No. 20 in the Raising Melosa series, finds the family rallying around Gabrielle as she lies in a coma.

Saturday, February 27, 1999

Matters of the Heart by PatsBard on Rusty's Xena Site(alt)
Gabrielle finds love with a female warrior but Xena soon returns to claim her bard.

Hurricane Watch - Part 9 - Update by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave(Alt -uber)
Continuing story.

Friday, February 26, 1999

Twelve Angry Gods (or Tartarus On 10 Dinars A Day) by Lyric on Chakram 1's site(Alt)
When Xena and Gabrielle need to lay low for a while, what better place than Tartarus?

It's All in the Translation by Mary Cornwell on Chakram 1's site(alt/Uber)
Janice and Mel, in their search for the missing Xena scrolls, get a helping hand from their ancestors.

Passion and Fury by Rab Donald on Chakram-1's site (Alt)
Gabrielle must use some skills of her own to save Xena from the Furies' curse.

Blonde Fury by Klancy7 on Xenadom(Explicit Alt)
Callisto is after the Plague Scrolls and Xena and Gabrielle endure her unwanted attentions in an effort to buy time for Ephiny.

Bound To Please by Tim Wellman on Xenadom (Explicit Alt)
Gabrielle is angry that Xena just "expects" to be rescued from prison and teaches the Warrior a lesson before releasing her from her shackles.

In Caesar's Hands by Klancy7 on Xenadom (explicit alt)
In order to protect Gabrielle, Xena surrenders to Caesar and undergoes public torture until the Bard can rescue her.

Consorting by T. Novan on Xenadom(explicit Alt)
Gabrielle has decided to take a consort and Xena volunteers to "teach" her what she needs to know.

Hercules: Hero To Zero? by Woodsmoke on Xenadom(explicit alt)
Mnemosyne uses an unsuspecting Aphrodite to discredit Hercules and Xena and Gabrielle get caught in the orgiastic cross-fire.

Fireside by Klancy7 on xenadom(explicit alt)
Continuing story. The first three parts have been posted. Xena decides to see how far she can push Gabrielle before the Bard says the Word.

Night Rage by Klancy7 on Xenadom(explicit Alt)
After saving Gabrielle from an assault, the Warrior is overcome with battle-lust and jealousy.

Paradise Revisited by Klancy7 on Xenadom(explicit ALt)
After leaving Aden's world, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in a place that encourages the expression of the Bard's Dark Side.

Shadow Shaman by Klancy7 on Xenadom
Gabrielle is kidnapped and Xena is forced to watch as Alti uses theBard to reenter the physical realm.

Poetry by kpuppy on Xenadom(alt)
four poems with accompanying screen grabs

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Soul's Pledge by Maggie on MaryD's Page(gen)
Xena and Gabrielle work through some old issues which still need to be resolved.

Inside, Outside by CN Winters on her Page(alt)
The events and thoughts of four characters after 'A Family Affair'.

Hurricane Watch - Part 9 - Update by Melissa Good on her page(alt/uber)
Continuing story.

Warlord Metal Part 4 by Redhawk on Redhawks Realm (alt)
Continuation of uber tale.

Broken Blade - A Tale of Camelot - Parts 3 &4 by Llachlan on Redhawks Realm (alt/ulber)
Continuation of uber tale.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

My Saving Grace by Marion Tuttle on Lynkas site(alt/poetry)

Til the Other Side by Leapr on Lynka's site(poetry)
Mel and Janice read an excerpt from one of Gabrielle's scrolls

If You Love Something by T Novan on MaryD's(Alt)
Part 19 in the Raising Melosa series: an accident causes the rift between Xena and Melosa to widen.

Mother of Peace by Bel-Wah on MaryD's
Shakti visits a dying Arminestra in this follow-up to the episode *BetweenThe Lines*

Kronos Stone, part 3 by D Virtue on Lynka's site(alt)
Continuing story

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Part 3and Four of Similar Features by Cruise on Rusty's Xena Page(Alt)
Continuing story

Part 9-updated- of Hurricane Watch by Melissa Good (Alt/Uber)
Continuing story.

Monday, February 22, 1999

Conclusion of Stricken By Barry Marshall on his site(alt)
Gabrielle must find a way to save Xena from the plague

Sunday, February 21, 1999

Part 2 of From the Hands of Rome by Absinthe on her site(alt)
A messenger from Nubia brings news of an impostor

Parallels Chapter 5by Subtextual on Chakram 1's site (Alt)
The continuation of Subtextual's Xena/Sliders crossover tale.

Learning Experience by WrshpXena on Chakram 1's Xena Page (alt)
Recounts the events following 'The Bitter Suite'.

Anamnesis - PrologueChakram-1 on her site(alt/Uber)
The prologue to this uber tale.

Part 10 of New Beginnings by BlackGabby On Symbiont's page(Alt/Uber)

Saturday, February 20, 1999

Enough Already> by Silk on MaryD's(alt)
Gabrielle can get in trouble even in an art gallery.

Long Ago and Far Away; A Time Travel Romance-part 2 by Sian McEwen on MaryD's(alt/uber)
Continuing story

The Curse-Part 5 by Anita Louise on Lynka's site (alt)
Continuation of an Ann Bounty story.

So Softly Inspired by S Derkins on Lynka's(alt)
Inspired by Angelique's "So Soft" fan art G tends an ailing X. Very short.

The Seduction of Xena by D Virtue on Lynka's site(alt)
Warlord Xena is mystified by a mute, hooded stranger in her camp.

Out of Ashes by TRFan on her site (Gen/Uber)
Ares finds a way to bring Strife back, which has consequences for Mel and Janice.

Hurricane Watch - Part 9 by Melissa Good on MaryD's (ALT-uber)
Continuing story.

Nano #6: The First Law of Thermodynamics - Parts 4-6 - Uses of Heatby Jules Mills on MaryD's (alt-uber)
Continuing story. Young At Heart - Part 1 by Muzza on MaryD's -(Alt-uber)
A rape victim is sent away from home and finds a new life.

The Contest by T. Novan on MaryD's.(Alt)
18 in the Raising Melosa series, finds Melosa discovering her true parentage.

UberMadness - The Lost Episode by Dana Corey on MaryD's (ALT-uber)
A love-in marathon for Xero and Rielle

The Longing - Part 3 by Protek on Redhawk's Realm (ALT-uber)
Continuing story.


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