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Friday, November 30, 2001

Well guys this is going to be short and sweet. I was at the exposure dinner. I had a wonderful time!! We went to Lips ( a drag queen restaurant in NYC) I laughed so much , it was great!! We had the "women" crown, dance and sing "Here she comes Miss America" to Pity Pup!! Well if you know Pity you know this was hysterical!! She was like, umm...its not my birthday... Well now it is.Happy Birthday P-King!!! You know who you if you want to know how her parents meet email her. She killed me the story!!!I should have a pic to follow up with shortly(right Lisa???)

Well besides the birthday bash in short this is what happened:

Danielle's baby is picking up woman at an early age.(G)
Maryann(I think thats her name)thinks fried calamari taste like onion
Lisa and Lisa still don't know where they know each other from.
And I am not one of the Indigo girls!!!


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