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Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Working Lunch 3 by Karen Malevich on Katrina's site(ALT NC-17 EXPLICIT)
After their break-up, Gabrielle encounters Xena on the arm of her boss while at a cocktail party. Xena comforts Gabrielle in the best way she knows.

5 Poems by Chosen1189 on Lynka's site(alt)
She Found Me; Someone In Love; Forever Together; My Protector; and She Does

Part 2 of "A Web of Spun Crystal" by Cecily Hawkins on Lynka's site(Alt/uber)
Continuing story

Destiny by Heike Straub on Lynka's site(alt)
Set after Crusader/Past Imperfect, but before the India arc.

As You Desire Me: A Tale of the Deep South by PatR on Xenadom(UBER ALT EXPLICIT)
Janice introduces Mel to a whole new world of sensations. Someconsensual BDSM

Heal These Open Woundsby TRFan on her site (Gen)
Part 8 of the Madera Saga. Gabrielle finds happiness with a new love.

Road Not Taken by TRFan on her site(Gen)
Part 9 of the Madera Saga. Joxer finally weds a dying Meg.

Despair and Faith by TRFan on her site(gen)
Part 10 of the Madera Saga. Xena fights for her freedom in Rome after learning her daughter is still alive

Part 9 of Similar Features by Cruise on her site
continuing story

Blood and Thunder: The Continuing Adventures of a Pirate Queen - Chapters13 -14 by Neneh Adams on CorrieWeb(alt -uber)
Continuing story.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Breaching Barriers by C Paradee on Lynka's site(alt/conqueror)
When Xena the Conqueror confronts Gabrielle while the healer/bard is tending her herb garden, she learns of problems in the administration of her empire that could threaten her life.

The Agent by C. paradee on Lynka's site(ALT UBER)
A serial killer is leaving a mysterious legacy of victims on the Flatsin Cleveland and Tony, an FBI agent, is sent in to help the local police. She is intrigued by a key figure in the investigation, Megan, the Assistant Coroner.

Chapter 10 of "Serpent's Tooth"by Anne Taylor at her site(gen)
continuing story

Dark Comes the Morning - Part 4 by Melissa good on Merwolf's Cave ALT
Continuing story.

Aftermath by T. Novan MaryD's ALT
In part 29 of the Raising Melosa series, Xena and Melosa recover and receive a mysterious guest.

Pure Cold Abyss-conclusion by Ginger on MaryD's(alt)
End O story.

Conclusion of the Xena and Gabrielle Trilogy by Ogami (Alt)

Monday, March 29, 1999

Xena Fan Fiction for the Palm Pilot website added to the sites page (mixed)

Tell Me, Gabrielle by Verrath on Pink Rabbit's site (gen/uber)
Pre-teens Sina and Gabby enter a fantasy world where they are the Warrior and Bard and Sina's bike is Argo.

I, Xena a teleplay by A Aronson on Pink Rabbit GEN
Xena and Gabrielle get caught up in the struggle for succession among three princes of Carthage. Should be familiar to fans of the PBS series "I, Claudius".

Part 2 of Facing the Enemy by Barry Marshall on His site(alt/uber)
Ongoing tale

Sunday, March 28, 1999

We Never Say Goodbye by T Novan on MaryDs(alt/uber)
An uber reincarnation story.

The Mountain Ridge by Mayt on MaryD's(gen)
The story of Xena and Gabrielle's death on the cross.

The Letter by Seta on MaryD's(alt)
Xena and Gabrielle's *first time* required quill and parchment to reveal their feelings.

Pure Cold Abyss by Ginger on MaryD's(alt)
Missy Good's Cait and Paladia get into trouble on a hunting mission.

The Sword of Hephaestus by Archaeoboard on MaryD's(alt/uber)
Janice's advances earn her a slap as she and Mel work on a dig in Macedonia.

The Stare by Archaeobard on MaryD's(alt)
A stare brings out Xena and Gabrielle's feelings for each other.

The Scroll by Archaeobard on MaryD's(alt/Uber)
Janice, much to Mel's frustration, just doesn't get the relationship between X & G.

The Poetry of Gabrielle and Xena-Book one by Archaobard on MaryD's(ALT)
Poems of Xena and Gabrielle about each other.

I Returned to Poteidaea by Archaeobard on MaryD's(alt)
Herodotus makes Xena aware of Gabrielle's love for her.

Decisions by Archaeobard on MaryD's(alt/uber)
Things get interesting when Mel takes in a down and out Janice.

Saturday, March 27, 1999

Farewell, and Greetings by Joseph Connell on Katrina's site(alt/uber)
"Only One"/"Infinity" tie-in It's 1979 and Xena, an Immortal in the Highlander vein, attends Janice Covington's funeral and meets several of Gabrielle's descendants. She must decide what role she wants to play in their future.

Fire and Ice by Nemesis Girl on Callisto's Dirty Stories Page(alt/Callisto/NC-17)
Erotic sparks fly when Callisto and Discord get together. Set before Sacrifice.

Part 9 of "Passover" by Joseph Connell on Katrina's site (alt/uber)
Continuing story

Part 20 of Dark Promise by Sharon Bowers on Katrina's site(alt/uber)
Continuing story

Parts 2 and 3 of "Another Time" by L. B. Anderson on Lynka's site(alt/uber)
continuing story

After Eros by WrshpXena on Chakram-1's site(alt)
Recounts the events following the ep 'Comedy of Eros', in which a certain warrior discovers very real feelings for her companion.

Blood Lust by WrshpXena on Chakram-1's site(alt)
Xena shows just how far she'll go to show her love for her bard.

Situation by Rab Donald on Tiggster's site(alt)
X & G run into an ex member of Xena's army who is in need of a favor, and in the process of gaining her compliance, makes her dreams come true.

The Evening by Clumsynut on Symbiont and MelVee's page(alt)
A cave, a lot of "wetness" and some stupid questions.

Warlord Metal part 7 by Redhawk on Redhawk's realm(alt/uber)
Ongoing tale

Friday, March 26, 1999

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Part 4 of We of the Undeserving by badbard on Katrina's site (Alt)
Continuing story

Part 5 of Incidental Tourist by JL Peterson on Katrina's site(alt/uber)
ongoing tale

Thursday, March 25, 1999

Thief of Hearts by Carol Hansen on Autolycusfic (gen)
Thanks to Hercules and Iolaus, Autolycus finds himself in quite the predicament-- and it's up to Xena to get him out of it!

Persistence of Memory Part 24 by Paul Seely on his site (Alt/uber)
Continuing story

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Bardic Theories by Jax on Dancyer's Den(gen)
Gabrielle's theories about the natural world begin to affect Xena's fighting skills.

Kerry and Dar Get Pert by Roxann at Ogami's site (gen)
Borrowing Missy Good's uber characters, this story has Dar and Kerry becoming impromptu actresses in an ad.

Widows and Orphans by ColdDarkMatter on Xenadom(ALT AMAZONS NC-17)
Xena attacks Gabrielle in an alternate response following Maternal Instincts. Non-consenual sex.

Dark Comes the Morning - Part 3 - Update by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave ALT
Continuing story.

Blood and Thunder - Chapters 11 and 12 by Nene Adams on CorrieWeb ALT-uber
Continuing story

Nano #6: The First Law of Thermodynamics - Parts 4-9 by Jules Mills on MaryD's ALT-uber
Continuing story.

Incidental Tourist - Part 5 by JL Peterson on MaryD's ALT-uber
Continuing story.

The Loneliest Number by Sonia C. Barrera on MaryD's ALT
Callisto is very interested in finding a woman who was a previous lover of Xena's

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Facing the Enemy part 1 by Barry Marshall on his page(alt/uber)
Lacy Straker and Genna Ryan join forces to stop the dark plans of a scientist.

Monday, March 22, 1999

Being a Slave Ain't That Bad by Badbard on Xenadom(ALT EXPLICIT NC-17)
Xena and Gabrielle "do research" on warlord-slave behavior, while Hercules, Iolaus, and Joxer look on.

Fever Dream by Klancy7 on Xenadom(Alt Explicit)
While Xena is trying to recover from a severe fever, Hope, Callisto, Cortese and Aganon team up on the dreamscape to distract her from her needed rest.

Part 5 of From the Hands of Rome by Absinthe on her site(Alt)
Continuing story

Sunday, March 21, 1999

Incidental Tourist Chapter 5 by JL Peterson on Chakram-1's Xena site(alt/uber)
Continuing story

The Challenge by T Novan on MaryD's ALT
In part 28 of the Raising Melosa series, Gabrielle's old enemy issues a challenge for the throne.

Xena Snaps by Ogami on MaryD's ALT-humor
Xena and Gabrielle are fed up with the story lines and want to make some changes.

Dark Comes the Morning - Part 3 by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave ALT
Continuing story.

Saturday, March 20, 1999

Part five of Young at Heart by Muzza on her site(Alt/uber)
Continuing story

Been There, Done That, Revisited by Catherine M Wilson on her site(Alt)

One Stone by Christa Baran on MaryD's(Alt)
After Xena and Gabrielle's death, Xena is judged by Hades.

Friday, March 19, 1999

Paradise Found by Cruise and Stoley on Cruise's fic site(alt/uber)
A Caribbean pick-up artist falls for a tourist.

The Final Night by Mayt on MaryD's (gen)
Alti's vision comes true and Xena and Gabrielle spend their last night together in prison.

Tender is the Night by Llachlan on MaryD's(alt/Uber)
A difficult actress is convinced to play a lesbian by a small, blonde director.

Dark Comes the Morning part 2 by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave(alt)
Continuing story.

Daredevil Hearts part 5 by WolfDragon on MaryD's(altuber)
continuing story

Never Speaking by WrshpXena on Tiggster's page(alt)
Xena reveals her feelings to a seemingly sleeping Gabrielle.

The Way by WrshpXena on Tiggster's(Alt)
Xena contemplates Gabrielle's future life after The Way

Longing and Belonging by T Novan on MaryD's(ALT)
In part 27 of the Raisining Melosa series, Gabrielle ponders her new family and her feelings for them.

Miscellaneous Uber or: how I stopped worrying about reincarnetion and learned to embrace it by BlackGabby on Melvee and Symbiont's Xena page(alt)

Thursday, March 18, 1999

The Morning After a Day in the Life by Chris M on Katrina's site(alt)
Xena's cooking breakfast, and the Bard has found something she likes better than nutbread.

The Good Life by T. Novan on MaryD's(alt)
In part 26 of the Raising Melosa series, Gabrielle reads her scrolls which brings up some interesting questions for Xena.

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth part 2 and part 3 by T Novan on MaryD's(alt/uber)
Continuing story. The Lion's Wall by Jim Kuntz on MaryD's(alt)
After Meg and Joxer's wedding, trouble comes to the kingdom ending Xena and Gabrielle's life.

After Eros by WrshpXena on Tiggster's site(Alt)
Xena contemplates her feelings for Gabrielle after "A Comedy of Eros"

Blood Lust by WrshpXena on Tiggster's site (alt)
Xena's in a very frisky mood with a cycling Gabrielle.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

Part 49 of Among Friends by Katrina on her site(Alt)
Continuing story

Part 3 of We the Undeserving by BadBard on Katrina's site(alt)
Continuing story

part 7 of Similar Features by Cruise on her site
continuing story

Dark Comes the Morning part 2 by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave Melissa(Alt)
Continuing story.

Farewells by Joseph Connell on Redhawk's Realm ALT-uber
In this new addition to the Infinity series; Xena attends Janice's funeral regretting that she never revealed herself but vowing to do so to Janice and Mel's children.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Irish Eyes by Bonn on her site
Adaptation of "Far and Away"

Through a Glass Darkly by Nene Adams (Bardwynna) on Corrieweb ALT-uber
When threatened by her father's ghost, a blind novice in a 12th century convent is aided by a warrior.

Daredevil Hearts - Parts 1-4 by WolfDragon on MaryD's ALT-uber
An Austrian stuntwoman and a documentary producer renew a relationship shattered 7 years ago.

Monday, March 15, 1999

Little Things by Dave G on Lynka's site(ALT)
Xena teaches the wolf Ares to help her hunting while the god Ares berates her for the misuse of her skills. A new writer using the characters created by Missy Good, with Merwolf's OK.

A Web Spun of Crystal by Cecily Hawkins on Lyka's site(RomoFriendship)
Teen Gabrielle is baby-sitting her toddler half-sister when Lily is stolen by the Goblin Queen, Xena. Gabrielle has less than a day to find her or Lily will become one of the night creatures. Beginning of a multi-part story.

Sunday, March 14, 1999

Gabrielle's Lament by Xedra on Lynka's site(poetry)
Short poem expressing Gabrielle's feelings at the end of 'MaternalInstincts'

Amazon.Come by MaryE on Lynka's site (alt)
Xena is frustrated as Gabrielle doesn't want to be intimate while in the Amazon village, worried about her queenly "dignity"

As She Sleeps by Watcher on Lynka's site (alt/uber)
Casey's musings the night before her wedding to Beth. Part of an on-going uber series

Draco Asks a Boon of Aphrodite by Alan Plessinger on Lynka's site(alt/gods)
Set after The Way, Draco -- still pining for the Bard -- asks Aphrodite to make Gabrielle fall in love with him.

Young At Heart Part 5 by Muzza on her site(uber/alt)
Continuing story

by Anne Taylor on her site(gen)
Continuing story

Conclusion of Captured by Virginia Leonard on Olympus TN (Alt)
Continued story

Warlord Metal - Part 6 by Redhawk on Redhawk's Realm ALT-uber
Continuing story.

Saturday, March 13, 1999

Strange Fate by BikerBard at Dancyer's Den (uber/gen)
A modern day Gabrielle finds her "Xena" in the most unusual of places.

To the Maxxim by Mil Toro on her site(altish)
Lucy snaps ROC while they discuss the Maxim photo shoot.

Among the Memories by T. Novan on MaryD's(alt)
Part 24 in the Raising Melosa series finds Gabrielle's dreams helping her remember her life with Xena.

Jungle Reign by Word Warrior on MaryD's ALT
Xena and Gabrielle's discussion of their past mistakes is interrupted by a tiger.

School B.S. by Jade on her site (alt)
Parody of the Bitter Suite and fourth in the school series.

A Destiny to Fulfull by JS Stephens on X&G Mythical Babes(alt)
Solon gets rescued from his funeral pyre by Dike, the goddess of human justice. Years later, he and his friend Gregor get in a fight about Julia, Gregor's finance' and Solon's friend.

A Destiny to Fulfill, Part II. by JS Stephens on X&G Mythical Babes(alt)
Xena and Gabrielle come to Athens on their way back to Amphipolis and run into Solon. What will Xena tell him?

Helen of the Plains by JS Stephens on X&G Mythical Babes (Alt/Uber)
Brigid, a high school senior, is fascinated by the new history professor who just moved next door...

Parts 1 and 2 of We of the Undeserving by badbard added to Katrina'sBread & Roses alternate Xenaverse
Introduces new characters Jazmyn the Vampyre and Ashleigh the Vampae to Gabrielle, daughter of Bacchus.

Bardwynna is now writing as Nene Adams at this site. Her works will be rearchived as soon as possible on TUFFD.

Sweet Rediscoveries by T. Novan on MaryD's(alt)
Part 25 of the Raising Melosa series: A joining festival reawakens Gabrielle's love for Xena. Top of Form 1 Bottom of Form 1

Friday, March 12, 1999

Chapter 8 of "Serpent's Tooth" by Anne Taylor on her site(gen)
Continuing story

Xena Snaps by Ogami on the Ogami's Xena and Gabrielle Stories site (gen)
Xena has a violent reaction to "A Tale of Two Muses".

Chapter 3 of Beware Peasants Armed with Pitchforks by Thorn on Dancyer's Den
a continuing story

A Harvest of Separated Souls by PruferBlue on Dancyer's Den (gen)
Plagued by Alti's vision, Xena considers leaving Gabrielle during a visit with the Amazons.

After the Battle by Onora on Dancyer's Den (gen)
A vignette about the emotion filled moments following a battle.

The Waterfall by Onora on Dancyer's Den(gen)
Gabrielle reflects and writes while spending a peaceful afternoon with her friend.

Faith by Onora on Dancyer's Den(gen)
Xena is captured by a vengeful cult.

Shared Loss by Onora on Dancyer's Den(gen)
Xena and Gabrielle cope with the death of a very important friend.

Solstice Light by Onora on Dancyer's Den(gen)
Xena is lost in a snowstorm on Solstice Eve.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

A Tale of Two Mothers by Brigid Doyle on Dancyer's Den(gen)
Two middle aged women meet, one a traveler, one the owner of a tavern in Amphipolis.

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Perspective, Part 1 by D Virtue on Lynka's(alt)
Sequel to Deceptions. Further adventures of Diana and Xena the Conqueror

Cat and Mouse by T Novan on MaryD's(ALT)
s Xena and Gabrielle do a lot of teasing and taunting at a royal reception.

Just Look at Them by T Novan on MaryD's(Alt)
Cyrene becomes a matchmaker for Xena and Gabrielle.

Inner Darkness - Part 1 by Protek on MaryD's ALT
In this sequel to Of Love and Hate, Gabrielle leaves Xena to cope with her dark side.

Bardwynna's Corrieweb added to the FF Sites page
Find Bardwynna's work here!

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Everything posted on Dancyer's Den since January has not yet been covered by TUFFD. We apologise for this lapse, however, in the flurry of moving something got lost. There's some interesting looking stuff up here, we'll have summaries up here soon, I promise.

Monday, March 8, 1999

From the Hands of Rome part 4 by Absinthe on her site(alt)
Xena worries about Egypt's future, and her own self control.

Dark Comes the Morning by Melissa Good on MaryD's(Alt)
Xena and Gabrielle leave their new daughter behind to investigate the threat of raiders in the area.

New Beginnings by T. Novan on MaryD's(alt)
part 23 in the Raising Melosa series finds Melosa trying to help Gabrielle remember Xena.

Ardent Warrior..Passionate Bard..Jealous Queen (Revised Version) by ArdentLy on MaryD's ALT
In this sequel to *Jouney of Love*, Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons and get entangled in their lives.

Jeopardy-parts 1 and 2 by J. York on MaryD's (gen)
Salmoneous sends a message asking Xena to aid a village where learning is reserved for nobles only.

Only One(revised) by .Redhawk on MaryD's ALT-uber
Highlander crossover. Xena is immortal, and sees a familiar face after centuries.

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth(part 3 revised) by T Novan on MaryD's(Alt)
Xena and Gabrielle are immortal and are working on a TV show.

Sunday, March 7, 1999

Part 4 of Young at Heart by Muzza on her site(alt)
Continuing story

Part six of Similar Features by Cruise (Alt)
Continuing story

Warlord Metal part 5 by Redhawk on Redhawk's Realm(alt/Uber)

The Hanging Gardens chapters 1-9 by XWP Fanatic on MaryD's(alt)
In this sequel to *Aftermath*, the conqueror is invited to Babylon, but so is Caesar.

Agony by TZ and Silk on TZ's site(alt)
Xena's agony over her desire for Gabrielle overcomes her restraint.

An Average Night by A. Nony Mouse on Oversoul's Therapy Page(ALT-explicit)
Xena and Gabrielle play with toys by the campfire.

Fantasy by LB Anderson on Oversoul's Therapy Page(Alt/Explicit)
Xena and Gabrielle share a wild fantasy.

Saturday, March 6, 1999

Every Moment by T. Novan on MaryD's (ALT)
Part 22 in the Raising Melosa series, Gabrielle continues to recover.

Inside Outside by CN Winters on Lynka's(Alt)
Answers the question, "If they're lovers, *when* did it happen?"

Deceptions Part 3 by D Virtue on Lynka's site(ALT Uber-ish)
Continuing story

Another Time(part 1) by LB Anderson on Lynka's site(Alte/uber)
New base commander Xora sets her sights on Gunnery Sergeant Gabrielle,and Gabby's childhood friend Slade is concerned.

Reunion of Souls by DS Bauden on Lynka's site(Alt/uber)
When Gina's friend Rita is shot outside a gay bar, Detective Sara Kelly investigates what seems to be part of a pattern of hate crimes,and Gina could be next.

Paradise Reclaimed by Cecily Hawkins on Lynka's site(ROMANTIC FRIENDSHIP)
Xena obtains Aphrodite's help in finding a way to support Gabrielle's choice of a contemplative life.

Amazon Dawn by Klancy7 on Xenadom(alt/nc-17)
Artemis delays the dawn to help Xena and Ephiny undo the effects of sorcery on the Amazon village.

Friday, March 5, 1999

Subtext Report for Between the Lines by CN Winters

Conclusion of From the Hands of Rome by Absinthe on her site(Alt)
Cleopatra meets with the Kandake.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

You're Still The One by T. Novan on MaryD's (ALT)
Part 21 in the Raising Melosa series has Gabrielle recovering from heraccident; however, she has lost her memory.

NitWit Guide For ALT Fanfic Collaborators by Silk and TZ on MaryD's ALT-humor
Outtakes/bloopers from a TZ and Silk fanfic collaboration effort.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Young at Heart part 3 by Muzza on her site(Alt)
Continuing story

Persistence Of Memory Chapter 23by Paul Seely on his site(Alt)
Contiuing Uber, sequel to Surfacing

For The Last Battle by Kodiakke on MaryD's (ALT)
The missing scene between the two episodes *Between The Lines* and *TheWay*

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

A Fleeting Cure by TRFan on her site (gen)
Callisto searches for a cure for her immortality after "Sacrifice II".

Monday, March 1, 1999

Hurricane Watch - Part 10 by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave ALT-uber
Continuing story.


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