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Friday, April 30

Part 7 of Young at Heart by Muzza on her site Uber/Alt
Continuing story

A Time For Us by Theodore Williams(billted) on Tom's page Gen
Mytholgical investigators use a time travel machine to go back in time to observe myths regarding the 'gods', and the legends of the Great Warrior Woman.

Burning Time parts 1-4 by Sandakat on Tom's page(Alt./Uber)
A firefighter and a beautiful blonde doctor stumble across each other in the ER and realize that they mey have more in common than just puppy love.

I'm Bored Gabrielle, What's With the Sun, Remember When, Gabrielle? by Verrath on Pink Rabbit Productions(altish, Uber)
Parts of the "Tell Me" series that began with "Tell Me, Gabrielle"

Part 3/Conclusion of The Disclaimer's The Thing by Klancy7 on Xenadom (alt/NC17)
Conclusion of an ongoing story

Thursday, April 29

Reflection by SJ Bross on Dancyer's Den (gen)
The interior monologue of a grieving Gabrielle.

Chapters 3-6 and 7-9 by Doc on Dancyer's Den (gen)
Continuing story

Idylls of the Warrior Princess: The Coming of Xena by Bel-Wah on MaryD's ALT
In the style of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's *Idylls of the King*, the story ofXena is told.

Dark Comes the Morning - Part 7 by Melissa Good on Merwolf's Cave ALT
Continuing story.

Wednesday, April 28

Part 6, the conclusion of From the Hands of Rome by Absinthe on her site(Alt)

Act Three of The Joxer Rebellion by Phil Hernandez on Miltiades' s Joxer Fic site (alt)
Xena and Gabrielle experience the impact of Joxer's actions in the Amazon village, and Joxer hires on as a merchant's guard, plus we get to visit the islands of Andros and Tinos.

Part 1 of And Baby J S Stephens on her site (Alt)
Gabrielle is pregnant and Xena decides that a visit to Potedaia is in order...and finds herself face to face with Perdicas' family and friends, who are demanding vengeance for his death.(The sequel to "Armageddon", this is a Xena the Conqueror story.)

Killian's Way, Turnign the Tables, Lilla's Little Adventure, and A Taste of the Warlord by Charmer are all now available on Xenadom as well as their original homes. For alternative links and for summaries, please see their entries in the archives.

More Sinned Against than Sinning by Robert Buckley on his page(mild alt)
AD 1999: Callisto is accused of a crime she didn't commit. What lengths will she go to to prove her innocence?

Callisto Explains it All by Robert S Buckley on his site(mild alt)
AD2005: Ares tells Callisto of a conspiracy among the gods to depose Zeus. Can she trust him? Will she care?

The Making of a Modern Goddess by Robert S Buckley on his site(mild alt)
AD 2008: In which the goddess Callisto explains how Ares regained his godhood and we look at some of the highlights of her extraordinarily long life; also features advice from Callisto on how to live your life, her philosophy on crime management and a true and accurate account of the destruction of Cirra.

Tuesday, April 27

Jeopardy - Part 3 by J York on MaryD's (gen)

The Blaze by ArdenTly on MaryD's ALT-uber
A young woman is drawn to a fire where she meets a tall, dark firefighter.

The Hunted by Mayt on MaryDs(Alt)
Gabrielle is attacked and defends herself; thereby straying from her *way*.

As The Bard Squirms by wildbard on Lynka's ALT NC-17
Xena and Gabrielle have a private party before joining the Amazons for the Dionysus festival. Ephiny appears briefly.

Part One of The Battle for Gabrielle's Soul by Marion D. Tuttle on Lynka's site(alt)
Lao Ma's spirit tells Gabrielle the only way to find peace is to kill Xena. But is it really Lao Ma?

Monday, April 26

Part 2 of "The Offering" by Dark Angel on Xenadom ALT NC-17
Continuing story

Act II of "The Disclaimer's The Thing" by Klancy7 on Xenadom ALT NC-17
Continuing script

Blowin' Smoke by Clumsynut on Symbiont and MelVee's page(alt)
: Xena sort of invents cigarettes and... blows smoke.

Sunday, April 25

Darkness Before The Dawn - Part 4 Conclusion by Bel-Wah on MaryD's ALT-uber

Heir To The Throne by T Novan on MaryD's ALT
This is part 34 in the Raising Melosa series; where Melosa goes through her Rite of Passage as the future Amazon Queen.

Wasichu Summer- Part III by Aslan on Tom's page Gen
Continuing Story

Blood Loyalty by E.A. Week on Tom's page Gen
Sequel to Consequences

Saturday, April 24

In Media Res by Mnemosyne on Donatello's site
Five years after the current Xena-verse, the warrior princess, Gabrielle, and Joxer are helping defend a village in Thrace against the vicious onslaught of a brutal warlord.

A Holiday to Remember...Again? by Muzza on her site Alt/Uber
A woman who goes on holiday to get some peace and quiet with her son meets an old girlfriend.

Attention Shoppers By JadeCB on her site(parody)
Xena and Ares go head to head for bargains...

Higher Emotions part 1 by JC Wilder on her site(alt)
This takes place several months after Warrior...Priestess...Tramp. Poor Xena and Gabrielle have plenty of crosses to bear while they discover and rediscover each other. As if Priestess Leah weren't enough.

Balancing the Scales by LdyDrfter on Xenadom (ALT NC-17)
While traveling with Gabrielle, Xena is taken prisoner by a town she once looted for a year. She is made to pay for one of her crimes by reliving the experience of her victim -- at the hands of the woman who was her "personal slave". Explicit bdsm scenes.

A Matter of Faith by Pamela A. Lord on Xenadom (Alt)
Lazia, a renegade from Xena's army in the past, wants Xena to pay for the punishment she imposed on Lazia -- by forcing Xena to hurt Gabrielle.

Bloodlust part 1 by Protek on Redhawk's Realm(alt/uber)
In this sequel to The Longing, Xena is helping to track down a blood drinking serial killer before Rickie becomes his next victim.Continuing story.

Blood Loyalty Parts 1 and 2 by E.A. Week on Tom's Xena Page(gen)
The murder of a popular actor in Corinth turns up a most unlikely suspect.

Theif of Hearts by Carol hansen on Autolycusfic(gen)
Thanks to Hercules and Iolaus, Autolycus finds himself in quite the predicament, and it's up to Xena to help him out of it!

The Death Cult Of Lydia by Susan Smith on The Bards of Alexandria Site (alt)
Sequel to the Amazon At Dahomey Series. On the way back to Greece, Xena is gripped by the aftereffects of the events at Oyo.

Friday, April 23

PNG Encounter by Anne Azel on MaryD's(alt/Uber)
A doctor rescues a journalist from a plane crash.

Daredevil Hearts part 7 by WolfDragon on MaryD's(alt-Uber)
Continuing story

Pillow Talk by Verrath on MaryD's(Alt)
#4 in the Tell Me series finds little Gabby and Sina discussing Xena's true nature.

The Convert Subtext report by CN Winters is up!

Thursday, April 22

Part 4 of "Another Time" and Part 5 by LB Anderson on Lynka's site(Alt/uber)
Continuing Story

Second Chance Blessings by D Virtue on Lynka's site(ALT UBER-ish) The latest in the ongoing series about Lord Xena, Diana, Gabrielle, Questra, Lady Xena (look-alikes in uber-land), et al.

Part one of The Offering by Dark Angel on Xenadom ALT NC-17
Gabrielle won't tell Xena about the night, before they met, when she was offered to a warlord in exchange for the implied safety of a town she was visiting. These memories causes her nightmares. Rated NC17 for explicit consensual and non-sensual descriptions.

Wednesday, April 21

The Disclaimer's the Thing by Klancy7 on Xenadom (alt/nc-17)
Following her disastrous first play, Gabrielle wants Xena to help her work out the kinks in her new one -- 'Ravished: A Play in 3 Acts'.

Chapters 5-6 of "Bard of Avon" by Jennifer Bracanovich on Katrina's site(alt/uberish)
continuing story

Beyond Words by Katrina on her site (Alt)
Sensuously written short XWP vignette

Under My Skin by Nommo on Katrina's site(Alt)
Different version of the Immortals Xena and Gabrielle. In the 1960's the lovers separate when Gabrielle is drawn to Love, Peace and Flower Power. Now 30 years later, Gabby is the lead in a rock band waiting for Xena to find her again.

Unfinished Business parts 1 and 2 by Doc on Dancyer's Den GEN
Tensions run high between Xena and Gabrielle as Xena sets off with Herculesto defeat Callisto leaving Gabrielle with Iolaus.

The Darkness Before the Dawn part 3by Bel-wah on MaryD's ALT-uber
Continuing story.

Golden Years? by Trfan on her site General fiction
The conclusion of the Madera saga.

Dark Comes the Morning - Part 6 by Melissa good on Merwolf's Cave ALT
Continuing story.

Tuesday, April 20

Part 2 of Past Is Prologue by JS Stephens on her site(alt)
continuing story

Nano #7: Work and Energy - Parts 1 - 2 by Jules Mills on MaryD's ALT-uber
continuing story.

Judgement Day by T. Novan on MaryD's ALT
In part 33 in the Raising Melosa series, Reena's fate is decided after her failed attempt on Xena's life.

The Color of Darkness - Parts 5-8 by Koddiake on MaryD's ALT
Continuing story.

The Secret Journey by Zeta on MaryD's ALT-humor
Xena and Gabrielle are off to see the Goddess of the Rainbow.

Making Strides by Tonya Muir on MaryD's ALT-uber
In this sequel to With Faltering Steps, someone is out to get Lacey and will go through her family to do it. (Continuing story)

Monday, April 19

Chapter four of Facing The Enemy by Barry Marshall on his site(alt/uber)
Macy Straker and Genna Ryan join forces to stop the plans of a cunning scientist.

Sunday, April 18

Inder Darkness-Part 5 by Protek on MaryD's(alt)
Continuing story

The Color of Darkness part 2-4 on MaryD's(alt)
ongoing story

La Princesa Guerrera Chapter 2 by Carla Jane and Jim on Chakram-1's Xena Page(uber/alt)
The action and intrigue continues in this uber saga, set in the napoleonic wars.

Darkness Before Dawn-part 2 by Bel-wah on MaryD's(alt/uber)
continuing story

Saturday, April 17

Hail the Chief by Ogami on his site(alot/uber)
Xena and Gabrielle brief President Clinton, but it's not what he had in mind.

The Bard of Avon (parts 1-4) by Jennifer Bracanovich on Katrina's site ALT UBER-ish
bread & Roses alternative storyline: The Immortals Gabrielle and Xena decide to travel out of Italy and spend some time in England, inspiring both William Shakespeare and his Queen, Elizabeth I

Bards, in case you're wondering why your stories appear in the What's New section and haven't appeared in the index, or the database yet, it's because we're behind on the indexing. :( Anyone wanna volunteer to do a little indexing? Email one of us at the email addies on the main page...thanks, Barry.

Friday, April 16, 1999

My Meaning by BadBard on Katrina's Site (alt)
While crossing a river Gabrielle gets distracted and is "swept away".

Visions In Fall Colors by Katrina on Katrina's Site (alt/uber)
Part of Seasons of the Gods series.

The Tour - part 55 by Katrina on Katrina's Site (alt)
Continuing Story.

Moving On by trfan (gen)
Part 12 of the Madera saga. Xena has an emotional reunion with family and friends.

Hail To The Chief by Ogami on Ogami's Site (alt/uber)
Truth meets uber fiction when Xena, Gabrielle, and Callisto reunite in the forms of Madeline Albright, Janet Reno, and Hillary Clinton.

Thursday, April 15, 1999

To Stand Together Through The Storm by Sword 'n Quill on MaryD's Site (alt/uber)
In this sequel to *The Stranger In Your Eyes*, Gabrielle reveals that theGods sent her back to seek Xena's help in defeating Ares.

I'm Bored, Gabrielle by Verrath on MaryD's Site (gen)
In this sequel to *Tell Me Gabrielle*, little Xena and Gabrielle are in trouble again.

What's With The Sun by Verrath on MaryD's Site (gen)
Third installment of little X and G in the *Tell Me* series.

Remember when, Gabrielle? by Verrath on MaryD's Site (gen)
Fourth installment of the little X and G stories in the *Tell Me* series.

Darkness Before Dawn - part 1 by Bel-Wah on MaryD's Site (alt)
A cold-hearted airline pilot meets a young, blonde flight attendant. Continuing story.

The Color Of Darkness - part 1 by Koddiake on MaryD's Site (gen)
Gabrielle follows her *Way* and returns 7 years later in search of Xena.Continuing story.

The Broken Blade -- parts 2-4 by Llachlan on Katrina's Site (alt/uber)
(Continuing story)

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

The Night After The Quest by Chris M on Katrina's Site (alt)
At the Amazon celebration of Gabrielle's coronation and Xena's return to life, Autolycus is frustrated in his attempts to get some "relief".

Group Therapy 2: Need A Xena Fix? by BadBard on Katrina's Site (alt/uber/Callisto)
Part 2 of a three-party humorous skit.

Tapestry by T. Novan on MaryD's Site (alt)
In part 32 of the Raising Melosa series, Xena and Gabrielle enjoy eachother after Gabrielle's memory returns.

The Hanging Gardens - part 2 by XWP Fanatic pn MaryD's Site (alt)
Continuing story.

Tender Is The Night by Llachlan on MaryD's site (alt/uber)
Continuing story.

The Enemy Within by Verda on Lynka's Site (alt/uber)
(Sequel to "These Dreams").

How Gabrielle Survived by Alan Plessinger on Lynka's Site (alt)
Hope helps Gabrielle escape death following the fall in Sacrifice2.

The Curse - part 6 by Anita Louise on Lynka's Site (alt/uber)
Continuation of the Ann Bounty series.

Pity The Destroyer by Xedra on Lynka's site (poem)
An ode to Hope's child.

Knew It Was You by heartbrkn on Tom's Page (alt)
Problems occur after Xena sees Gabrielle kiss Callisto.

The Accused - part 2 by Dyhanna on Tom's Page (alt)
Continuing story.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

The Magic Show by Arlene Lugo on Tom's Page (gen)
Xena and Gabrielle met up with a young pickpocket named Phhaedra.

The Darklings -- parts 5 and 6 by Lynne Knowlton on Tom's Page (alt/Callisto)
Continuing story.

Monday, April 12, 1999

I didn't find these updates in the 'in' box until late. Barry

Here are updates for Muzza's site (no summaries as of yet, but I'll get them soon. Barry)

The Night I Knew by Whmyz on Muzza's Site (alt/uber)
No summary available yet.

Desperate Measures by Candy at Muzza's Site (gen)
No summary available yet.

Death Break by Xandrina (gen)
No summary available yet.

One Stone by Chrisra Baran (gen)
No summary available yet.

Reuniting Hearts by Xandrina (gen)
No summary available yet.

Sunday, April 11, 1999

Warlord Metal - part 9 (conclusion) by RedHawk on RedHawk's Realm (alt/uber)
Conclusion of a continuing story.

Paradise Found - part 2 Paradise Found - part 3 by Cruise (alt/uber)
Continuing story.

Jeopardy - parts 1 and 2 by J. York on Tom's Site (gen)
Salmoneous sends a message for Xena and Gabrielle to come help fight prejudice in a village.

Facing The Enemy - chapter 3 by Barry Marshall on his site (alt/uber)
Macy Straker and Genna Ryan join forces to stop the plans of a cunning scientist.

Renewal by Salmonellus on the Australian Xenite Fan Fiction Repository (alt)
Gabrielle leaves her unhappy marriage to search for her lost Warrior Princess, but their reunion is not what she expected.

For The Present by Salmonellus on the Australian Xenite Fan Fiction Repository (Gen/comedy)
Xena finds herself in a quandary when her search for a birthday present for Gabrielle runs into complications.

The Chase Away by Alisa Goodwind on Tom's Site (alt/uber)
Elle is taken hostage during a robbery, her kidnapper turns out to be a woman dressed as a man.

Rena The Renegade by Weekend Warrior on Tom's Site (alt/uber)
Rena rides into town and has eyes for Holly, the innkeepers daughter.

Past Is Prologue by J. S. Stephens (alt/uber)
Brigid and Helen are summoned to South Carolina by Aunt Mel, who says that Janice is dying and she needs helps with some new scrolls.

Saturday, April 10, 1999

Well, I'm late again :( Sorry about that. Barry

Serpent's Shadow by Marina Frants (gen)
A sequel to the story The Sword And The Serpent.

Young At Heart - part 6 by Muzza (alt/uber)
Chapter 6 of a continuing story.

In Her Hands - part 2 by Mil Toro on her Site (alt/uber)
Continuing story.

When The Wave Breaks (concluded) by Llachlan (alt/uber)
A tale set around the fall of Atlantis, an Amazon Queen and Atlantean Warrior earn a future and a love that would last through the ages. (This story is the first branch in The Reparations Cycle, the second branch is Second Chances, and the third branch is The Once And Future Queen).

Til War Do Us Part by trfan (gen)
Part 11 of the Madera saga. Ares and Discord team up to stop a wedding.

Planting The Seed by Paymaster on Lynka's Site (alt)
When Xena and Gabrielle save Aphrodite from Callisto's wrath, she grants them a wish. They decide to ask for a child of their own. Start of a continuing story.)

Troubles Of Getting Joined by Xenia on Lynka's Site (alt)
Sequel to 'Snakehead Gorgon.' On their way to the Amazon village for their joining, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves adopted by a newborn dragon. Start of a continuing story.)

Friday, April 9, 1999

Personal Assistant - Parts 2-9 by Kat on MaryD's Site (alt/uber)
Continuing story.

Daredevil Hearts - Part 6 by WolfDragon on MaryD's Site (alt/uber)
Continuing story.

The Soul Of The Bard by T. Novan on MaryD's Site (alt)
In part 31 of the Raising Melosa series, Dionysus guides Gabrielle through the journey to recover her memories.

Scraps: Ghost, Gabby, and Goodbyes by L. Fox on MaryD's Site (alt)
On her way to meet Xena, Gabrielle receives a strange warning that saves her life.

Trouble In Paradise by GabAngel on MaryD's Site (alt)
After the events of Family Affair, Gabrielle has reoccurring dreams of her Amazons trying to kill her.

The Heart Of A Leopard - Part 1 by Verrath on MaryD's Site (gen/uber)
Xena and Gabrielle as leopards. Continuing story.

Tell me, Gabrielle by Verrath on MaryD's Site (gen/uber)
Xena and Gabrielle as kids with their trusty bike, Argo.

Possibilities by Verrath on MaryD's Site (alt)
After a battle, Gabrielle's wound causes her several interesting hallucinations.

The Crazed Ramblings Of A Madwoman - Part 1 by Verrath on MaryD's Site (alt/uber)
Xena appears in present day San Francisco to help a new bard write her story. Continuing story.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

Sorry this is late -- I was fighting off the horde last night. Barry

Thefts And Disclosures by trfan (gen)
A novice young thief is copying Autolycus.

Forum by Rab Donald on Tiggster's Site (alt)
In interesting question and answer session between playful lovers.

Dark Comes The Morning -- Part 5 by Melissa Good at Merwolf's Cave (alt)
Continuing story.

Inner Darkness -- Parts 2-4 by Protek on MaryD's Site (alt)
Continuing story.

Personal Assistant by Kat on MaryD's Site (alt/uber)
A tall, dark actress hires a new personal assistant. Continuing story.

The Darkling -- part 4 by Lynne Knowlton on Tom's Page (alt/Callisto)
Continuation of story.

The Egg Hunt by Danae on MaryD's Site (alt/humor)
Gabrielle invents the egg hunt.

Aphrodite's Apothegm by L. Anne Clark on BardDiva's Site of Enlightenment (Major Alt - has BDSM - May not be to everyone's taste)
Aphrodite grants Gabrielle's wish of a romantic interlude with Xena.

Memory Dance by L. Anne Clark on BardDiva's Site of Enlightenment (alt)
Callisto as a young girl seeks refuge with a group of Amazons as she plots her revenge on Xena.

Patterns Of Cobwebs by L. Anne Clark on BardDiva's Site of Enlightenment (alt/uber)
Callisto's former lover sets out to be a Bard and meets a relative of Gabrielle's and many adventures along the way. (sequel to Memory Dance)

Blood Ties by Ella Quince at Katrina's Site (alt)
Gabrielle masquerades as her own granddaughter in order to visit her dying sister.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Passover by Joseph Connell on Katrina's site (alt-uber)
An epic set within the Blood & Roses alternate universe.

The Longing by Protek on Katrina's site (alt-uber)
A Highlander/Infinity Alternate Universe story. Xena tells Ricki the story of her voyage on the Titanic.

Virgin Goddess by BadBard on Katrina's Wild Side site (alt)
Artemis drops in on Xena and Gabrielle and learns a thing or two. (explicit sexual scenes).

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Warlord Metal, part 8 By Redhawk on Redhawk's Realm (alt-uber)
Continuing story.

"I" Of The Beholder by Nene Adams on Corrieweb (alt-uber)
In a 1905 Paris setting, a jealous artist tries to kill her blonde model's dark lover.

Monday, April 5, 1999

The Unspoken by Mayt on MaryD's Site (alt)
After the crucifixion, Gabrielle refuses to be parted from Xena in the underworlds.

The Quiet Survivors by GabbyHOPE on Tom's Page (Gen)
Dahak rescues Hope from the lava pit, and she is on her way to Poteidaia to continue her father’s work.

Xena Does Tool Time by Kawcrow on Tom's Page (Gen)
Xena and Gabrielle are guests on tool time.

Sunday, April 4, 1999

Situation by Rab Donald on Tigg's page(alt)
Xena and Gabby find themselves at a place where they must confess their feelings.

Fantasies by GabTBard on her site(alt)
Gabby thinks about how much she loves her warrior

Fantasies Revisited by gabTBard on her site(Alt)

Part Four of A Little Piece of Paradise by Midgit on Tragedy88's site(alt)
An English real estate agent meets a beautiful woman

Making Strides by Tonya Muir on her site(alt/uber)
Sequel to WITH FALTERING STEPS. Lacey's past comes back to haunt them

I've Been to Pocatello, But I've Never been to Me by Vivian Darkbloom on her site(alt/uber)
Third in the White Trash Series with Gabrielle and Zina

Summer's circus by barbara Davies (alt/uber)
When Summer Walsh's travelling circus comes to Cheltenham,journalist Alison Carmichael becomes intrigued by the enigmatic blue-eyed circus owner.

There's More than One Way to Skin a Cat by Flop on Flophouse(alt)
Xena gives Gabby a 'gift'.

Angel Mine by Sharon Bowers on her site(alt/uber)
Sequel to Lucifer Rising with the adventures of Jude and Liz

A Lazy Loving Morning by BL Miller on her site(alt)
Xena finds a wonderful way to wake Gabrielle

My Lover's Keeper by Fu Bard on her site(alt)
Gabby is injured on her way from Poteidaea and must find a champion.

Magic of Paris, the Conlusion by CNWinters on her site(alt/uber)
Janice and Mel look into motherhood.

Saturday, April 3, 1999

DC by Lizzy Tendre on her site(alt/uber)
FBI Agent Zora Dexter is given the difficult assignment of guarding hellion First Daughter Noelle (Nellie) Corrigan.

Destiny by Heike Straub on Lynka's site(alt)
After Gabrielle is tortured then left by Caesar, the bard and warrior are haunted by Alti's vision.

Conclusion of Persistence of Memory by Paul Seely on his site(Alt)

A Whiff of Brimstone by Chris M on Katrina's site
Set in Katrina's Blood & Roses altaverse, Gabrielle runs into Ashur Badaktu, a priestess of Asherah, in the LA airport, while on her way to Sunnydale. Brimstone/Buffy/XWP crossover

The Guest by T. Novan on MaryD'sALT
In part 30 in the Raising Melosa series, Hades explains that Gabrielle's accident was his fault.

Unconquered by Pallas on MaryD's (ALT)
Xena the Conqueror is captured by the Amazons, and Gabrielle demands the right to avenge her murdered family.

Cold War by L Fox on MaryD's(alt/uber)
It's 1958 in East Berlin where an American has been arrested and is at the mercy of a tall, dark, Russian Major.

Friday, April 2, 1999

Hide the Soap by Ogami (alt)
Rewrite of the hot tub scene in ADITL with Hercules and Iolaus.

To Love, To Need, To Desire: Part 3 by D.virtue on Lynka's site(alt/alternate timeline)
Continuing Story

3 Poems by Xedra on Lynka's site(alt/poetry)

After the Crucifixion by Alan Plessinger on Lynka's site(alt)
Despite Gabrielle's best efforts, Hades must part Xena and Gabrielle after their deaths. Gabrielle is desparate to join her partner in Tartarus if need be.

Chapter 11 of "Serpent's Tooth"by Anne Taylor on her site General
Ongoing story

Thursday, April 1, 1999

The Power Of Love by Lava-lamp on tom's site(Alt)
Caesar and his army are headed for Amphipolis.

La Princesa Guerrera Chapter 1 by Carla Jane & Jim on Chakram 1's site(alt)
The first chapter to this Xena/X-Files crossover is set in the Napoleonic wars where Xena mourns the loss of her soulmate some 2000 years prior.

Knew It Was You by Heartbrkn Bard on Chakram-1's Xena Page (alt)
Xena, fearing that she may lose her lover, employs a little role-playing to win her back.

Intersession 2: Chapter 3: Invited and Unwelcome Guests by Katrina and Joseph Connell on Katrina's site (alt/uberish)
Continuing story


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