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Thursday June 30, 2005

First let me thank all those whom applied for the reporter position. Ill have a person soon. Now let me tell you about my airport nightmare!!! I rush home from work, grab the car, luggage an my son. We head to the airport with little traffic, great right?? NOT! I wait online for over an hour to find out that his 9 oclock flight has been delayed to midnight!!! It was no fun for 4 damn hours! So after the hours go by, he boards and I get home at 1 am. I can't sleep since he is traveling alone for the very first time. He calls me at 245am to let me know he lands. I then go to sleep and wake up 3 hours later to get ready for work. SO needless to say I was a ZOMBIE! The best part is I leave tonight to go to texas for a few days,sooooooo its back to the airport, the same dreaded airport I was in all last night!! THe only good side is I get to go away for a few days and rest!! And I get to see the Liberty play the Spurs!!!! I am sooo excited!!!


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